I'm Alessia Troisi

I'm a qualified Digital Marketing Specialist and I have an MA in Creative Writing. I am passionate about helping writers create and market high-quality books they can be proud of!

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My Story

In 2015, I finished my first novel. It was a romance novel and I knew all along that I wanted to self-publish it.


When the manuscript was ready, I formatted it myself, commissioned a cover from a designer friend and put it up on Amazon.


It was up for two days before I panicked, doubted myself, and gave in to the imposter syndrome.

It's taken me all this time to understand, fully, what it takes to write and market a successful book.

After I took that book down, I enrolled myself into an English Literature degree. After I graduated, I went straight into a Master's in Creative Writing at Queen's University Belfast.

During one of the many never-ending lockdowns during the pandemic, I also completed a PGDip in Digital Marketing, with a specialization in Book Marketing. 

All of this was to achieve two things: develop my own craft as a writer and discover exactly what it takes to publish successfully so I can help other authors to do the same.

In 2021, I launched Publi. The mission behind this business has always been simple: support writers in every phase of the writing, editing, and marketing process.

I wanted to create the support that I wished I had back when I was first publishing.

I can't wait to help you in whatever phase of the writing process you are currently in. Investing in yourself and your future as a writer is the best decision you will make.